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What we Offer

Lakeland School is committed to your child’s future. We have experienced staff who work hard to mould your child into the right path. We are innovative in our approach. We affirm the worth and potential of every child and help them become the best of what they can be. Our Nursery education is a sure foundation for beginners. Admission into our classes is strictly by age and performance. The classes are:Crèche, Playgroup, Pre Nursery, Nursery and Reception classes.

Creative Development

We engage children in art, music and dance. Children are made to act out some books and familiar stories. They are encouraged to have free play while teachers watch and discover talents

Language Development

We teach our children to read at a very early stage. We encourage them to look through pictures and learn to talk about the pictures and also make up stories on their own. Children get familiar with the sounds of the English language and are able to read in no time.

Mathematical Development

In this area of learning, children are prepared to solve problems at their tender age. They are taught to understand numbers and manipulate them independently as well as match figures with quantities effortlessly. Children should be able to fix simple puzzles.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Our children are taught to develop a positive sense of self and to respect other children and adults around them. They are groomed to value others and respect their opinion and religion. Our children are encouraged to share. We believe that children should be independent and do things expected of their age group.

Physical Development

Our children are engaged in physical activities that will help develop their skills of co-ordination and control. They are made to exercise their bodies and develop a spirit of sportsmanship.